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10 Resep Masakan okusne West Java specialitete

These 10 recipes of West Javanese cuisine that we’re going to review should be known because they are really popular foods that many   people love. Each region in Indonesia has a  special traditional food with different flavours but still delicious, even in West Java.

West Java has traditional food with a unique taste, which is usually spicy and acid. Not only that, most traditional Western Javanese foods contain fish-based essential ingredients such as ten g giri fish. Making this traditional food can even make yourself at home because it is quite simple.

When you’re bored at home, you can try some menus that we’ll explain below. There are plenty of traditional Western Javanese foods you can try, from dry food to soup. For more details,  let’s take a look at 10 recipes for West Java cuisine.

West Javanese Seblak

Seblak is one of the traditional Western Java foods that   is flourishing in different regions. Seblak has its own personal taste, which many are interested in, namely the spicy taste and the dense taste of spices. The relatively cheap price is suitable for all circles, such as student employees.

The seblak consists of crackers, feet,  meatballs, sausages and spices made of garlic, garlic, cabs, pecana, eggs, galangala  ,  salt and sugar. How to make it is also easy, by grinding the puree spices then adding the main ingredients and adding room water to taste.

Tutug Oncom Riž

One of the dishes included in 10 recipes for Western Javanese vegetable food, namely oncom tutug rice. This traditional tasikmlaya   food tastes tastier when eatn  with warm rice. Before making, prepare ingredients such as oncom, kajen pepper, garlic, garlic, galangal and salt.

Another complementary ingredient is grilled paste, which will taste good for oncom tutug rice. The way it is made is to bake all the ingredients, except until it dries. Then clean all the spices, oncom at the same time, and then season with warm rice so that it can be eaten.

Karedok specialties

The next 10 recipes for Western Javanese vegetable food are caredok.   This food is almost like hell, but the vegetables used in karedoku are raw vegetables such as aubergine, cucumber, basil, cabbage, long beans, potatoes,   lettuce to cross. Then a peanut-to-peanut sauce will be added, such as a baking sauce.

This spice is made from beans, garlic, Javanese sugar, kajen peppers, salt and reheed galangal   . The way to eat is to mix the vegetables, which have been cut into pieces, then mix them with peanut-seasoned to evenly distributed.  This  Western Javanese food  is ready to be eaten by your beloved family.

Cireng, a typical Western Java snack

Cireng is one of 10 Western Java cuisine recipes that you should  not miss. There are many variations of cireng flavors that you can find on the market, so you can choose according to your taste. Ingredients for the production of  cirenga include wheat flour, garlic,  pepper powder and salt.

The way to mix it is to mix the tapioca and wheat flour, then add the other ingredients while slowly pouring hot water. Don’t forget to mix the tiva so that all the ingredients are mixed in a flat. After that, take it a little bit and shape it like crackers only when you can fry it.

Okusna Maranggi Satay

One of the next 10 recipes for West Java cuisine is  maranggi satay. This food is found in Purwakarti, so don’t forget to taste this food. If you miss that you want to enjoy this typical Purwakarta satay, then you can make yourself home.

Before you prepare seasonings made from cumin, coriander powder, red sugar, garlic, tamarind, soy soy, salt and pepper. Clean all the ingredients and add water to form a liquid seasoning, then prepare the beef, which has been cut into small pieces. Satay’s ready to grill with spices.

Warming Surabi Food

If you like delicious snacks that accompany your daily life, Surabi can be the right choice, especially if you eat it with coffee, it can warm up your body. The ingredients used in the manufacture of surabi are rice flour, wheat flour, onkom, salt,  coconut milk and toppings to their  liking.

The method of preparation is also quite simple by mixing rice flour, wheat flour and salt. After that add a little coconut milk at the same time to stir it until smooth. Slam with the money to make it smoother, then let it sit for an hour. After that pour into the mold with the addition of dressing on top of the surabi.

Peuyeum iz Cassava

Peuyem is one of 10 recipes western Javanese cuisine you should  try. Fermented processed cassava products can be made at home for simple ingredients and manufacturing methods. You must prepare ingredients such as cleaned cassava and tempeh yeast to taste.

The first step you need to prepare is to steam the cassava until cooked. Remove and dry, then driar the yeast over the cassava. Place the cassava in a bowl, then close the container tightly. Wait about 3 to 5 days for the cassava to turn into tape.

Gejrot Tofu Feed

The 10 recipes for Western Javanese vegetable food will be more complete with the presence of gejrot tofu. Traditional Cyprine food  with soy sauce soup, sugar, garlic, garlic, garlic peppers and water is made from tofu ponga, salt, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, garlic, kajenova peppers and water.

Mix the tamarind, soy sauce, salt,  water and  sugar until it has  thickened. Don’t forget to mix the material of the ulek until it’s even so that it’s easier to whip with tofu pong, which has been cut into pieces.

Legit Dodol Recipe

Who doesn’t know this meal, dodol legit from West Jave. You may often buy it as a souvenir while vacationing in West Java.  Youcan do it yourself from home. Recipes include white sugar, white glutinozen rice, various flavored  pastes, brown sugar,  coconut milk and milk cream.

The way to do this is to cook coconut milk along with milk cream, Javanese sugar, white glutinous rice, sugar and water. Mix all the ingredients whole, until they cook. Then separate the tsla into several pieces so that different colors can be added, then roll into small pieces as the dodol is sold.

Comro in Misro Recipe

If you are not satisfied with the typical West Java recipes above, then you can try making  comro and misro. Cassava is the basic ingredient for making these two foods, which are broken down and then formed into melonjong. Add other spices such as pepper, salt, kojander  and clipped coconut.

Combine all the ingredients even until you form a tiva. Then take it a little bit and shape it in a way. Don’t forget to add fillers such as brown sugar and oncom  , adding it to the  addictive flavor.

There are still plenty of foods from West Jave that you can try and take yourself home. Simple materials and ways to make it easy without the need to go buy on West Java. Therefore, you should try 10 recipes for Western Javanese vegetable food.

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