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Check the correct way  to find  goods easily

Check to obtain a receipt correctly to search for goods, a popular company in Indonesia, and is constantly on the rise. The acquisition itself is one of the largest online motorcycle taxi services in Indonesia.

However, its headquarters is not in the country, and the headquarters is in Singapore, and the branch itself spreads to almost all of Southeast Asia. Only two Southeast Asian countries are Laos and Brunei, and since its founding in 2012, these service providers have continued to grow.

One evidence of its development is that many new features have begun to emerge. Right now, there is a new feature called The Grab express, a feature of exports, along with the possibility of tracking.

How to check the Grab Express Receipt

Consumers do not have to participate when they deliver packages to their will, and it will easily arrive only if the driver and the goods are given confidence, but to avoid worrying, you need to know the last location of the package. Check the receipt to find the goods correctly.

By using it, you will discover the last location of the item,” which is not a challenge to check yourself. You can check it out using the app itself, and to do this, drivers need to share my ride appearance.

With it, customers will know the driver’s last location. The customer’s right to know the last location of the goods he sends out.So customers tell drivers my When activated, you will see the driver’s location immediately, and this is how to check the exact means to know the goods.

Share with my driver from the driver itself, actually the link format: you can open the link to find the driver’s last location as a customer. Tracking can be done in real time if the link is open, which allows users to search the final location of the goods directly from their map’s adjustments.

But in addition to using the app, you can also make the process of tracking through the location marketplace application to purchase goods. But the user buys goods from the market If this is the case, the ease in the acceptance check announcement  is the  right way to know that the goods will feel very right.

Because the app will notify you of the final location of the package without having to request it, but adjust when using the app No new locations are available using fertility information, and the last location will be available in writing, which enables customers to interpret writing first.

Get the choice for consumers

Grab Express makes it very easy for consumers, as well as shipping, and easy to track. Check the receipt correctly to find the goods. When using it, consumers first need to choose the type that is sent because the category sent from the type of disclosure is divided into three parts.

The first type is called a bicycle, which is the simplest package provided, and it may not take long for delivery time. When delivered via e-mail, the driver’s travel time should not exceed three hours, and the range of packages is limited.

Such ranges of packages should not exceed 50 X 50 X 50; they also have the most weight needed to be met. The cargo package weighs 15 kilograms and below If you want more specifications, you can choose the bike on the same day; on the same day the range and weight of the package remain the same, but it is beneficial when traveling.

On the same day, bicycles can send drivers up to six hours of travel time, making the journey more likely to take them to other cities. Even if it is long, the location of the goods can be monitored continuously, and the location is identified by checking the acceptance contract to search for goods.

However, if you want higher specifications, you can choose the final distribution. This type is called the Instant Car, which has higher standards. In fact, the maximum weight of the same package reaches 150 kilograms;in fact, the limit is up to X 100 X 100 X 80.

However, the sender cannot expect a long time for travel time; the maximum journey time is the same as an instant bicycle, which is 6 hours. Still, it seems enough six hours to deliver long-term to various cities, and the calm of the place will be felt because the goods are acquired  the right way to know.

Benefits When Using Express Available in Relief

Compared with using other transportation services, the first benefit is in the tracking feature itself. The provider is sure to keep track of the program permanently updated, with which users’ convenience will be available.

This makes checking receipts the right way to know goods, and the additional benefit is security; unlike using other services, drivers are particularly involved in the delivery of goods The goods given are 100 percent safe, and the sender can give the driver a text message to improve security.

Drivers can thus better treat the shipping package, which can easily be favored with its speed. When writing is used, it takes a long time until it reaches the site, because the exploration needs to pass several check points before reaching the site.

When this situation is used, this situation will not arise, and after the dispatcher’s location, the driver will immediately send it to the recipient, which will increase faster when it takes time for the goods to arrive, as well as the speed and convenience.

When sent to the Discovery Department, the dispatcher requires information to the service provider and registers the package before sending it. In addition to having to come to the serviceprovider, the probe itself is usually kept secret until customers need to queue up.

Such infections, such as now, need to be reduced, and the best way to reduce it is surely by using the acquired description. There is no need to come to the service provider, the driver will pick up the goods home, which will obviously make it easier for the dispatcher.

How to use B b agi New customers

There are a lot of new customers who don’t know exactly how to know the goods, and many people don’t know how to say it. In fact, the steps you need to pass are very easy. The first step is to open the program and choose the sending feature.

After selecting, enter the goal address of the package you want to send, select the type you send as mentioned above, and then don’t forget to insert the Aura NC to make the goods safer, and then wait a while and the driver will come to pick up the goods.

Because its existence is so helpful, make sure that it is confiscated for a variety of purposes; in fact, you will benefit greatly from his existence, and do not forget to track when ordered, because the Cek receipt has acquired the exact means to know the goods.

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