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Light series  Supreme  Motorola official service center!

On Motorola Indonesia Zhuyi Service Center will be available for smartphone users. If  you know what you have learned and cultivate Motorola gadgets, you will be easy

No fee – but the fee for the  warranty card supplied by Motorola Gadgets is also  heavy. If the card is used wisely, it can be used at its official service center outlets during maintenance

With  Motorola Android system mobile phone Indians Nicene best so users easy to use widget, to daily use is not surprising

Agents to Motorola from Sabang to Merauke All Ways Service Center, service customers. If you are operating the widget, it is best to visit the store.

Users with close sockets are using advanced technology Yiming. Ya smart phone makes it easy to use for business  business

In     addition, when the gadget is broken, it is  easy to repair the service, which  is why the user is also a one

With this convenience,  it  is not surprising to use this Motorola smartphone more. To be good to the fast, to the smallest for everyone

Motorola Service Center Sidoarjo, Jember, Purboling go, Malang Mojokerto

In the cities,  give a constant, for Motorola gadgets  to sue with  small tools repair, then the lower ones to take the box

  1. Repair service in Sido Aljo

MASC Communicare Sidoarjo Store in Ramayan Shopping Center is near Jalan Pahlawan,  Sidoarjo, 3rd floor of the shopping mall  ,  see Motorola’s official store,  or contact information 0231 71698877

  1. Motorola Service Center Jamber District

In Jember’s land, if you want to appeal, you can call 0331 486737. If you want to  go open, you  can go to Jalan Nusantara Blok R8, where Jember is located on the Kaliwates GOR shophouse

  1. Purbolingo of Repair Services

There is also MASC Communicare Purbolinggo in Purbolinggo,  which is already the  largest Motorola repair. Users must assist in using their service, which is the official contact number 0335 435235

  1. Motorola Malang Service Center

To get the MASC Communicare Malang, only  come to Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 30  .  Its lot 3 is about the official outlet, which  is used by Motorola gadget users to engage in business

  1. Moyork repair  service

It is available at MASC Communicare Mojokerto, which can be accessed by Jalan Gajah Mada under number 140a, thanks to Google Maps, and its domain will be easily accessible with the help of it   No. 0321 381940

Explore Motorola Se Heart Denpasar, Lombok, Medan

3 mostly in    Denpasar, Lombok Medan, Motorola gadget users are very many  small device users  As the number increases, there must be official outlets that can repair it

With the small device has been  provided with the  warranty card, then visit the agent’s place, has been a sense of goodness.  Denpasar has the MASC communication Denpasar which can be aided by its telephone number, i.e. 0361 244990

It is located at the Motorola Service Center in Lombok and can also be 623077 using its phone number 0370.  If you want to know more about current  affairs, you can visit the official store Jalan Panca Usaha, Block B, 22

Then in Medan, there is MASC Communicare Medan, which is very easy to get, when Millennium Plaza, is at exit 56A The  3rd floor is also up to  customer service

If you want it to be easy and not important, the contact person can also call 061  9132 9608 / 061 6948 1666  or  call the contact person only   to get Motorola Customer Service

Motorola in Manado also Bangal Masin

Manado is  one of the capitals of Indonesia, and  the service center in  UGF IT is  heard by MIllenium, and Manado is more  and more interested in Sara  , one of which is a small repair

Those who want to use MASC communication everywhere have no  questions  to ask for help, their phone number has been given because of 0431 841976. Customer contacts can be used to agents

It is located in Banjarmasin, MASC Communicare Banjarmasin at Jalan Veteran Rt. 12 Number 29.   When using various types of Motorola Android gadgets, when with a warranty card

When  there is still a contact number in the service center, but you need to help, please call 0511 3256 153  to take advantage of the customer service that is finally available    Customers get the best thing

Lightly repair gadgets with the official Motorola Service Center outlet

With the service center to help light repair Motorola gadgets, it  is gratifying  if  it can easily get the best place in Indonesian cities to change it

When the great  cities of Indonesia marched, there  was no more confusion.  When the Motorola smartphone  will be urgently repaired near the station

When  improving with the official store, the comfortable body is one of the advantages . If you use a Motorola Service Center official store, you can call the selected contact number



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