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Latest West Java online motorbike tax payment guide 2021

Online Western Java and all parts of Indonesia  are  doing so online or online at the moment. This may be because there is already an online Samsung site. In fact, it is not quick because it is easy and practical.

However, availability is still uneven, and there are areas that have already been provided, but in the 4.0 era we believe that people do not need to return to the Samsung office to pay taxes, and time and cost burdens can be reduced.

For the yes process, it must begin with Son application or national online samsung download, then procedures and online You can make payments. That way people can save more time and expenses, especially when it’s as pandemic as it is today.

This breakthrough  certainly makes it easier for  those of you of you who don’t want to lose the legal chance to drive  . in Indonesia or in any country. document Driving without a record  will be certified for violating the rules, and because the owner of a motorcycle does not comply with the tax, it causes fraud without a valid letter.

Until caught during the raid, Pimlic had to cancel a motorcycle or vehicle  to the nearest office. No doubt a large fine would be paid for not  paying taxes, and the owner would have to pay the fee, so it would be expensive. Practice the process of paying motorcycle tax online in West Java.

 Download the National or Regional Samsat Online Application

The first guide to do this is to download or download the app. This application must be from the right source, so when you enter a theater store or appstore, It’s not wrong to look at the right keymen, check the testimony from users to make it easier, and use the app at a minimum value of 4.

Install it. Then all download processes will end on their own. Android and iostan npa need to be installed. If it happens, J dies. You don’t have to worry anymore if unknown programs can’t waver, but if that happens, you can enter the list of privacy lists to be set.

West Java, Central Java and all parts of Indonesia wait for the bicycle tax to be completed so that bicycle tax can be paid online When an error occurs in the installation, try to remove it first, then restore it so that it can be used later.  Often it happens.

Take it easily  because it’s too large in size. It’s a little MB, because it seems very simple. The purpose of this simple view is to confuse new users Registration, payment law, payment evidence, location information, guidelines, and systems can be carefully discharged.

National and regional online Samsung registration procedure

This registration procedure is actually like any other online system: the process of paying motorcycle tax online throughout West Java and Indonesia  Initialroses should be included in the registry. Fill in all personal information, and fill in the yes ng according to official information.

Beginning with police number, id card number, frame number, personal contact number, email. Nevertheless, It is Google for the best choicebecause it is easy, and its fast roses certainly make it easier.

Then press the next button, and you will display registration information and a salary rule. You can use the code to give. Banks are the most important, especially ATMs. If you don’t want to queue longer, you’re advised to cross the platform.

Still, there is a better alternative to using mobile banking:mobile banking can only be done via a cell phone device, please click on everything, and Internet banking can also  be used to pay motorcycle tax in West Java.

Unfortunately, the duration of the payment rules usually carries limits, especially in the payment code, which this time lasts. There is still time for a convention, complete the payment so that you can enter the next procedure, and choose freely which way to choose as long as it is appropriate for you.

 Requirements for approving your motorcycle START

In West Java, after paying motorcycle tax online, you can use the testimony of payment as a repayment witness, but without Taking nothing, Sam In addition, it also  brings conditions to approve the StarK motor so that the Pre o ses tax can be completed immediately. So what should be brought?

  1. Stick to an active ID card

Now all ID cards are actually active. As long as you use E-KTP, you’re sure everything is safe. So no For you, the process is also expeditious   , so take care of it quickly at the nearest sub-district office.


  1. Bring in the original STNK

It is  clear as evidence to pay online motorcycle tax in West Java. Everything is taken as evidence for care A copy of the photograph was not to be brought in because it would later be withdrawn  for the process, and the old one was withdrawn so that it would not be used  in criminal cases.


  1. Carrying an old TBKPB

Evidence of repayment of last year’s payment obligations must also be brought in: Will the owner be paying taxes in an orderly fashion? Of course, if there is no precedent, the fine will be charged, and the  fine depends on the duration of taxation.


  1. Power of Attorney When Delegated

If you ask the representative to submit permission conditions, you need the power of a lawyer complete with a legitimate stamp; the process of handling legal documents  ; if represented, all lawyers are required.

We’re asking to use the online system. TItapi ends up going to Samsung, right? For previous payments, the claim process still needs to go to Samsung to clarify.

Motor STNK confirmation procedure

If the process of paying motorcycle taxes had been carried out throughout West Java, Central Java, and Indonesia  .  Go directly to  the  nearest Samsat office, and give everything to the administration administrators for further handling.

Sufficient to enter a special container with all the information for the procedure, and then the administrator will add all the information.  If everything was consistent with the registration number and the police, the process was declared successful and it was just a matter of submitting.

Then you’re ready to go home, and if you’re careful about changing the plate, monitor the officer’s subsequent procedures. Then, while waiting for the process of making a plate, the plate will be ready to be taken home and attached to the motor.

Another benefit available is the rapid process, and Ri isiko pungli is no longer available, because all processes have been performed online.Sist The em is getting more and more progressive and more reliable, so the process of paying motorcycle tax should  not be used throughout West Java and Indonesia.

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