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Ang Development Bank ng Singapore, DBS Call Center Indonesia

The DBS call center in Indonesia already exists and can serve the people of Indonesia. DBS stands for The Development Bank of Singapore, these financial services have been established since 1968 as a development and financing institution under the leadership of the Government of Singapore.

Branches of these financial services are spread across countries and regions and many people have given their trust in this service. DBS Group is built on Asia’s leading financial services provider. The region’s growth includes Southeast Asia, South Asia and China.

The Development Bank of Singapore has 18 subsiidiaries in Singapore and is headquartered in Singapore. This financial services provider has been in Indonesia since 1989 and has had dBS call center  operations for 24 hours.

dbs Group Bank at a glance

Bank is a financial service for interested customers. Banks are now trusted by the wider community to manage individual finances, in addition to security, of course, customers will also see the benefits received from customers.

The Development Bank of Singapore is a leading financial services provider that spreads across 18 markets across the country, including Southeast Asia, South Asia and China. This financial service is headquartered in Singapore and registered as an international bank.

Because of its global leadership, DBS was named “World Best Bank” by Euromoney, “Global Bank of The Year” by The Banker and “Best Bank in The World” by Global Finance. This international financial service has been awarded the “Safest Bank of Asia” award by Global Finance for the tenth time in a row.

Financial services born and raised in Asia know the various problems and solutions to provide services to clients. To the DBS to offer services that benefit customers on its way, these services include  banking for customers, SMEs and companies.

To provide customers with the best service, the DBS call center  serves customers 24 hours a day. DBS Indonesia or DBSI has opened several service centers in some parts of Indonesia. Customers can contact the service center or arrive directly to headquarters.

The Development Bank of Singapore Indonesia (DBSI)

The best respected financial services in the Asia region have been there since 1989 to serve the people of Indonesia. Founded by The Mitsubishi Bank Ltd. and PT Bank Buana Indonesia, this financial services provider later replaced PT Bank Mitsubishi Buana.

In 1997, ownership was taken over by DBS Bank Ltd, so it also experienced a name change at PT Bank DBS Buana. In 2000, PT Bank Buana sold it, then the name became PT Bank DBS Indonesia or now known as DBSI.

PT Bank DBS Indonesia is offering 30,000 ATMs supported by Prima, Alto, Visa Plus and ATM Bersama networks across Indonesia. In addition, financial service providers and DBS call centers have 48 branches in Indonesia’s 15 major cities.

DBS Indonesia services for clients are DBS Wealth for clients who want to benefit from an exclusive lifestyle, SME Banking is intended for companies with a transition of up to SGD 200 million or around 1.9 trillion and banking for companies with a turnover of up to SGD 200 million or around 1.9 trillion and banking for companies with a turnover of up to SGD 200 million or around 1.9 trillion and banking for banking for companies with a turnover of up to SGD 200 million or around 1.9 trillion and banking banking for companies with a turnover of up to SGD 200 million or around 1.9 trillion and banking for a 20 million companies

With various services, DBSI is present for Indonesian clients, this international financial services provider based in Singapore enjoys a high reputation and has received various top awards. Also,  DBS call center services provide 24-hour service so they can help customers when needed.

DBS Call Center, 24-Stunden-call-service

The service is certainly one of the community benchmarks in determining which services to use. Starting with employees, locations, the products offered, up to the services received.  Maximum service  provides comfort and customer confidence in financial services.

Bank Singapore is recognised by the population of the Indonesian population and has received various awards as a financial services provider in Asia. In addition to providing banking products, DBSI also provides maximum service to customers in need.

Pt. Bank DBS Indonesia has provided dBS call centers to  customers who need help. This service has a call center and can serve 24 hours a day. This will provide comfort to customers in the transaction.

The service also provides information about DBSI banking products, in addition, if there are problems or complaints against the bank, customers can use this call center service. This service center serves a variety of customer requests, making customers feel comfortable with transactions.

DBS call centers are present in several regions of Indonesia, allowing them to reach all communities in different regions. Customers can contact the call center if they have questions about credit cards, Cashlines, KTA and digibank. Meanwhile, DBS Treasures and Treasures Private Clients can contact their respective relationship managers.

List of DBS banks in Indonesia

DBS call centers already exist in some regions of Indonesia, with the service centre being able to conveniently carry out transactions. This service center can answer calls within 24 hours. Call centers can serve credit cards, KTA, and other issues or requests from customers.

It is a DBS KCP list in Indonesia.

  1. KCP Jakarta-Pluit
  2. KCP Jakarta-Sunter
  3. KCP Jakarta Mangga Dua Einkaufszentrum
  4. KCP Jakarta-Kelapa Gading
  5. KCP Jakarta-Mangga Dua
  6. KCP Jakarta Muara Karang
  7. KCP Jakarta Permata Hijau
  8. KCP Jakarta-Pondong Indah
  9. Jakarta-Tebet Functional Office
  10. Bank DBS Indonesia
  11. KCP Jakarta-Dharmawangsa
  12. Jakarta-Kemanggisan Functional Office
  13. Serpong Funktionsbüro
  14. Yogyakarta-Yohannes Branch
  15. KCP Surabaya Galaxie
  16. KCP Surabaya Pasar-Atum
  17. Samarinda-Sudirman Niederlassung
  18. Zweigstelle Semarang-Pandanaran
  19. Pontianak-Sisingamaamaraja Branch
  20. Zweigstelle Palembang-Rajawali
  21. Niederlassung Pekanbaru-Sudirman
  22. UNI-Plaza Medan Branch
  23. KCP Medan-AGB
  24. KCP Bandung-Pasir Kaliki
  25. KCP Bogor
  26. Zweigstelle Bandung-Djuanda

If you have problems carrying out transactions or other problems, you can visit DBS call centers directly  in some regions of Indonesia. Additionally, the 24-hour call center service can serve customers anywhere, anytime.

The highest financial services provide comfort for customers. This will attract more customers and create confidence in financial services. The security of a bank is the main value to get customers to make investments or transactions.

The Singapore-based bank was formed by a well-known financial services provider in the Asia region and has received numerous awards. The services that DBS offers to clients also vary and range from DBS Wealth, SME Banking and Corporate Banking.

The public’s confidence in Singapore’s developer bank allows it to grow and establish several branches across Asia, in addition to maximum service and increasing   customer confidence, the DBS call center  is also present as a service center.

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