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 24-hour Dukkapil call centre ready to address community’s demand

One form of innovation from digital technology development  is the purchase of a 24-hour Ducapil call center. Although new, the service is very useful In identifying people’s demographic problems. Current city needs and implementation are considered the demands of public demand. Long queues are considered old-fashioned.

On the other hand, the government wants its citisens to easily access demographic information and services. By taking advantage of various advantages in technology and portable networks The official online-based service news has finally been established.It can be via call centres, popular messengers or mainstream social media.

With the creation of several 24-hour Ducapil call centre services, from in-office   direct  services to online services,  it is hoped different community issues  can be identified Immediate identity and the solution can be found.Remember the importance of this demographic data to the varied needs of development programs and to provide legal protection to citisers Its own.

The importance of recording demographic data and civilian records

Based on law No. 24 of 2013, every Indonesian citise report various major events for recordings, especially two involved in the morning Any events involving populations such as transfer or changing birth addresses, death, marriage or divorce and data about children.

This data is not only recorded but also processed and used for the various purposes of development programs and for legal protection to its citisens For example, in this pandemic situation, the validation of this data is required before eventually being tested for the right to plug.

In addition, it is hoped that by providing  a 24-hour Dukkapil call center service will be  able to provide the fulfillment of everyone’s human rights, especially Those involved in their citiser administrations so do not have discrimination or remaining citism behind or are excluded from the program. The right to participate in the political sector during the election is the exemplar One.

More still  , the 24-hour Dukkapil call centre’s ease will enable the public  to be more aware of its obligation to report and record events Importantly, it is part of Indonesian citism, especially if the process is easy and does not interfere with its work. This understanding  is a demonstration of the government’s success in protecting its citivers by Legal.

  The purpose of registering cities for the community

For people, data relating to birthdays, dates of marriage, the number of child numbers, places, housing, and so on has no significant meaning. A country it has very much of an advantage;Indonesia is especially one of the lawful countries, and the certainty and validity of identity must be clarified in the law.

So if  the public registered  different data—the data of their population means they are identified by the state for  the facts of their information. So  if there is a combination Abuse or  other related issues  can  be provided. In addition, they have access to varying public services  provided. Some of the public must have official residency information.

In addition, with quick and up-to-date provision of accurate data, it is   expected to be able to provide data inputs to variable  applications and applications In  government activities, development or community activities, so each program can be properly distributed and on goals.

The 24-hour Dukkapil call center service is a form of easy communication between the government and its people. Fast achieving the variety of objectives of registering citism. Moreover, given that problems in this sector are more complex and moderately diverse, this  is capable of wanting to be A recognition and desire tool.

  Varying services provided by Ducapil

The service  generally provided by the dukkapil call center is related to varying demographic data issues . There are numerous important documents Six should be given a priority to preserve based on the words of Judan, director general of Dukkapil, in October 2020. KK, KTP, Birth Certificate, Death certificates, marriage certificates and changing certificates as documents.

But basically, population databases include recordings by biodata    and  reporting  through the Ducapil Call Center for 24 hours related to major events. Covering a variety of topics such as the location, the address  , the birthplace, the distribution of National ID (NIC) and a few  other issues, so every citiser really has legal protection and presentation.

Currently, such as rules and recommendations related to the state administration, should be implemented quickly, properly and comprehensively. Therefore, the certification process and brush The data can move in real time. So don’t worry any more about incorrect calculations when necessary to set up an archive or application.

In addition to encountering these problems, the 24-hour Ducapil Call Center also provides  services related to verification or reverification. For example NIC is registered with government services or when you want to search for information related to the data via online media when you forget to bring the document for questioning.

Online-based service as a solution

With a total population of more than 200 million people actually have challenges and complaints every day.Especially during an epidemic like this, it is recommended Strongly to avoid disruption, especially in public places, including the maintenance of the needs of citiches, like identification cards or other letters.

From getting complaints or including problems online is the solution to these different needs. So varied problems have occurred in this sector. Variety of recommendations related to these problem addressing as well.Whether a district subsection should be approached or should it cross certain routes According to the type of inhibition?

There are plenty of online storage to be aware of the 24-hour Dukkapil call centre.Some of them are using phone services to connect directly with Dukka The central pile via 1500-537.  Emails and websites have also been created to help provide a variety of additional information. In addition, it also uses famous messages.

This means using WhatsApp services, considering that most people use WhatsApp as a common communications tool. One profile of service is in the form of NIC control by sending a Cek#KTP#NIC format It goes to 0815-3636-9999, which will receive a response to your complaint. These sleeps make  it easy for cited people to take advantage of this service feature.

Using social media to improve services

It has been known that communities, especially young people, are very active through social media. To comment, play, get together with the community or find other updates. This condition  is An opportunity for Ducapil deAlam to create  24-hour Dukkapil call centre service That captures aspirations through social media, especially  targeting young people.

Two social media platforms are used, Facebook and Twitter. Not only get passive come-in reports, but also provide content in the form of news and tips and tips updates Various information about the population as well. So it is hoped that social media users will gain access to and understand the importance of registering citities.

The availability of varied online services for the Dukkapil call center is expected to be able to meet the expectations of the state administration. With the motto or motto of “Be one day” in different areas, I hope to be able to provide a  quick response service to their needs.

Currently, issues related to the registration of citisers and citisens are expected to be identified and resolved immediately. Knowing this requires cooperative understanding Greetings and active participation.Providing  24 hours of Duccapil call center service across  varied  online mediums is a form of government facilities.

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